Doing it Wild Marketing Looking for Free Houses and People General $$$ (Fort Mohave)

Hi there This is Doing it Wild a marketing company who's dba is The Best. It is a comany that drives to market your business in all aspects, we offer novice website designing, advertising with social media online and with news papers and journals locally, we offer getting your custom business cards designed and ordered for you, We can set up decals for the cars, Flyers, Journals, E-mailing mass with your advertising, We can even do sales calls for you to get you advertised, were good vocally and love doing commercials via the radio and even online in videos and sending advertising commercials to local stations for commercial time, our main hot spot that's a hit is running multiple casino or hotel/pub and dj/band slots with setting up companies in group settings with personal escorts who want to spend money on a subjected advertised idea.

We get people together from all different types of genres in a hotel setting lets say at the casino with realtors and we help partner them with people who want to gamble and have them host the party. In addition, we invite groups to meet and spend time meeting and greeting and give marketing gift packages in baskets to people or even gift bags with prizes they can give out at random or even specified to each person with their business cards and flyers and even coasters or pamplets and advertise the business overall everyone together. Everyone mingles and shares everything so people really get to exchange information. For example, a realtor group setting would be several realtors, plus furniture stores, pool stores, landscaping, construction workers, contractors, people who own land and houses in person in general who want to make a sale, plus those wanting to spend big or little in either of all areas, We then get down to all aspects of related things to include like cleaning companies and even taxis or car dealerships.

We advertise to larger people group who are looking to spend the money at a large scale on some of said areas exposed at the group gathering. We would get the entire group hosted by us and help staff even personal escorts for all parties who are trained personal assistants. They are extra and can do basic office work if given a laptop and printer that's portable or go to the library to print or local office area at hotel/casino. They also provide personal assistance of what ever you ask et. al. and they provide personal company. They would stay with you in the hotel room too. Then we plan events and meetings at the clubs, bars, restaurants, beaches, tourist attractoin spots, a personal getaway, what ever the customer prefers to pinpoint or isolate out as a desired rub off. Bring plenty of money to spend at the local casino diamond in the ruff spots. They are a fun hit. People love to socialize. The more you get out of your room on a social party event we host the more you get heard of and make sales! Call us to schedule an event if you have a party of 1 or more. Doing it Wild

Groups can take time to preplan and host and do cost a bit, but are worth it. We invite much of the public and advertise on craigslist and google and in the papers, and on the radio even sometimes. We get present hunt and prize giveaways hunts hosted by clients in groups and every one wins. Everyone learns about great deals with small flyers kept with packages, plus more we offer! Call us! show contact info . We could even get beach gatherings together where people would get mix and matched in beached setups to go swim and have fun. Bring your cards! Bring your mobile paperwork. You could sell a house, a property, a car, a house full of furniture, an idea, and more.

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