Best Yard Sale EVER!!! (Kingman)

2700 e Mcvicar

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start time: 8 am
Are you sick of ordinary yard sales that never seem to satisfy your deep need for great deals? Well look no further. Taylor family store LLC is pleased to bring you a once in a lifetime opportunity. This weekend we are having a yard sale. This isn’t some ordinary yard sale. This is a yard sale for the ages. Your life will be transformed at this yard sale because of the great deals and great stuff you will be able to buy. We will be open at 8 AM sharp on Friday, the 17th. Please note if you come by at 7:55 expecting to get in the gates you won’t be welcome in.

We have electronics, video games, DVDs, new and used clothing(not the blue collar crap you get in kingman) dishwasher and other appliances, home improvement items, stereo equipment, musical instruments, sporting goods , tvs, atvs and maybe even some 28 and 510 ammo.

We expect a lot of stuff to go Friday as we have everything priced incredibly low and we don’t sell crap. If everything doesn’t go Friday, we will be having everything at 75% off Saturday. Why you may ask? Because my wife wants everything gone. We are a tax paying, registered business who greatly benefits the community of kingman. Positive vibes only! Peace.

Ps. I am a hip-hop artist who was releasing one album every week this year, as well as once on every day. Look for ChrisFollowsChrist on YouTube to hear my music. I have been called the voice of my generation by people who have heard me sing. People say my voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus. I love Jesus. All jokes aside I am the greatest rapper of all time.

Here’s a link to the album I wrote, produced and recorded last Tuesday. https://youtu.be/PkNnNQkKlgM?si=l8gpiOJF-c4oz6Qi

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