Seeking Targeted Individual for Psychic Spiritual Work/Partnership (Mojave County)

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compensation: 50/50 contractual

Hello, and thank you for finding me. I’m actually the leader of all targeted individuals and you were guided to find me.

I’m looking to work with targeted individuals who have experienced “gang stalking” as well as people who are alien abduction victims as well as victims of satanic ritual abuse.

I come from a background growing up in a black magic family. My grandfather was a “curandero” and practiced sateria. He paid my mother to repeat a magic spell to harm her mother. Soon after that spell my grandmother was mysteriously found dead in a hotel with her lover a taxi driver. The pilot light on the gas heater magically turned off and they both died of gas asfixiation. I never knew my grandmother’s name until recently when I looked it up at the courthouse.

I didn’t understand the dark magic effects on my life until I came under the targeting individual programs. It was like someone turned on a switch and I experienced the covert harassment for over a decade.

Not only have broken out of the programming myself, but have unplugged one other young woman, who was very paranoid, and now is fearless, and very powerful after following my directions to cleanse these dark energies by using very specific magical codes I’ve been given that remove demonic energies. Her name is Mia. She has also learned how to summon very powerful Angels that the demons are very afraid of.

You’ve entered this reality per an agreement at soul level and you agreed to be harvested through trauma for your soul energies until the point where you will be given the tools to defeat the energies. That point is here now.

I have awakened and I am now psychic, and I’m told it’s possible once you also truly awaken to your super powers, you will own your powers and could be used to awaken many others.

I have a healing sound meditation that opens your psychic portals. Your psychic portals may already be open, but my work will clear out the dark energies and you will connect more directly with your soul family, which are a special class of Angels and they are waiting for you.

If you have not yet consciously connected to your soul family, they will speak to you through the sound meditation like they have for me and Mia.

Mia has seen my wings as well as her own, and now knows her angelic name. I will awaken you like I did Mia and M guided to tell you if you awaken we may be able to create a partnership, and as I mentioned awaken others.

Currently, everyone in this reality is under a trance, and you may already know this, but I will put “the dots together” so to speak for you. Here is a video about the mind control trance and why you were targeted: https://thephaser.com/2023/10/the-forced-industrial-revolution/

I have a very simple method on how to break you out of the trance. Your consciousness is already outside of the collective mind controlled bubble.

Your level of consciousness is why you are targeted as to manipulate your co-creative mechanism in your consciousness. I’ll show you how to adjust the frequency of your consciousness by using magical matrix codes and you will see results.

I mentioned the fact that we targeted ones have super powers. These powers have been identified through Scan-tron tests in school and those tests are used to identify certain souls who enter into this matrix reality. These tests is how you were put on the list on the 3D level but the evil souls have been watching you ever since you were in the womb.

My job is to awaken you to your super powers like I have done for Mia as well as myself. We are battling evil energies and I have proof I burned the satanic verses book: https://youtu.be/JdcCcbIWIMY?si=kTufRvnvBzrqLQ80

My superpowers are used to remove demonic energies and here’s proof after I sent the burning book video to the satanic temple leaders the author of that book was attacked: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stabbing_of_Salman_Rushdie

Once you reverse your energies from fear to power, you will also cause similar effects. Just a heads up, you may not necessarily be interested in creating a partnership, and may only be interested in removing the dark energies off of you to stop the targeting. No problem. I’ve incarnated into the MATRIX REALITY to assist you.

If I awaken you, this partnership will consist of creating a meditation circle and using our consciousness collectively to share our telepathic messages and visions with each other. If the group grows we will want to create a location.

Below is a description of the work we will do:

Healing Sound Meditation

*Hear Messages From Past Loved Ones

*Experience Deep Relaxation

*Expand Spiritual Awareness

*Open Psychic Portals

*Release All Fears

*Awaken to the matrix virtual reality

*Learn magical matrix codes that adjust reality

We are at a critical time in our reality and it’s very important to truly connect to our consciousness and break free from the mass formation trance everyone is in.

In this Healing Sound Meditation you will experience an adventure being taken by sounds into a deep relaxation.

You will experience traveling to higher dimensions where you will receive messages from past loved ones or even Angels who want to assist you in awakening and are ready to deliver messages through this work.

I can also connect you with Mia to confirm everything I say. She has made videos sharing her supernatural experiences.

Lastly, I look forward to speaking with you to see if I can help you as I have Mia.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

  • Do NOT contact this poster with unsolicited services or offers.

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